Who the heck is James Balaila?

Me and 8 Time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman

Hi there! My name is James, and if you somehow stumbled upon this page, you will find out here more about who I am, my training philosophies, the music I listen to, why I love and hate Miami, and how I provide results to anyone who trains with me.
Currently, I am a Personal Trainer in the beautiful Miami, FL. Some might even consider this the dream job and life! But I didn’t just start out as a personal trainer and this ultimate fitness enthusiast, I worked a few odd jobs earlier in my life. . .

When I was 17 I was a pizza delivery boy for about one year.  Best part about that job was the free Buffalo Chicken pizza and grilled chicken salads! OMG delicious.  And yes, I did eat pizza, but what the heck, I was 17.  I ate McDonald’s too if you really must know!  And I loved every glorious, fattening second of it!

And after I quit that job, I worked at Dicks Sporting Goods.  Strange as this may sound, I actually was in charge of drilling holes in bowling balls.  Yeah, bowling balls are custom made to fit your fingers and the size of your hand.  So if you own a brand new bowling ball and need it drilled, maybe I can help!

Anyway, where was I… oh yeah, Miami.

So now I am a business owner and Personal Trainer in Miami. And don’t worry, I didn’t just go from drilling bowling balls to teaching people how to do squats.  In the time from then till now, I was a General Manager of a GNC in New Jersey and when I moved to Miami I became a Personal Trainer at Equinox in Aventura where I was the top trainer and even awarded “Trainer of the Year.”

Me with My Closest Friend and Professional Fighter, Chris “Redline” Wing

I also have obtained several certifications as a CPT (certified personal trainer), certifications in knowledge of Anatomy and Kinesiology, and a nutritional certification from the prestigious Precision Nutrition association.

Through the several years of being a Personal Trainer, I have worked with clients from all walks of life:

  • Moms
  • Dads
  • Accountants
  • Doctors
  • Athletes
  • Kids
  • People who love to workout
  • People who hate to workout

And guess what, every single one of the people I worked with got results and the weight loss they wanted, and more importantly, bragging rights because they accomplished tasks that so many others fail at!

Ya know, I’ll be the first to tell you that this whole fitness thing isn’t the easiest.  Even I have to dig deep every day and find the power within (I sound like a Jedi, haha) and use that power to motivate MYSELF to continually workout and eat healthy.  But guess what, I have learned several amazing tricks that help me do this every day and this is the kind of stuff that I teach my clients to do to get results . . .  and it works!

Me Training a Client During My Equinox Days. Battle Ropes!

I think what really makes me happy is when one of my first clients said to me “James, I have worked with a few different trainers in my life… none of which had the impact that you have had on my life.  Sometimes I just can’t get along with a pushy trainer or ill just get bored with the workouts.  Not with you… You really know your stuff and have taught me a lot about working out.  And what I like most is you’re just fun to be around and to work with!  I wouldn’t train with anyone else.  You are the one for me.”

That’s some powerful stuff.  I truly had an effect on someone’s LIFE and changed it for the better.

And I have been told stuff like that numerous times from numerous different people.

Hey look, I’m not saying this to brag to you about my accomplishments.  I just want to share the amazing experiences I have had with people that keeps me motivated to keep providing amazing results!

Besides, if you came to my site looking for training, you can be more confident in my trainingbecause of stuff like this.  I being able to prove to you I can deliver results makes you not have to worry that I’m not just some pizza eatin, ball drillin maniac!

I think it’s also important to let you know that I am definitely one of those guys that “practices what he preaches.”

Have you ever meet someone trying to give you fitness and health advice and they have a nice, plump belly? Or has the LACK of

muscular definition?

If you ever run into one of these trainers, and believe me, they are out there; just run the other way and come find me!

And I know it’s not all about vanity, but come on, if you, the client, is seeking a better and fit body, your trainer definitely needs to emulate exactly that.  Because if they don’t, then you should be slightly weary of what they teach you and if they have ever tried it themselves.

I remember once I went to visit the chiropractor, and for one reason or another, he started telling me that my diet was all wrong and I shouldn’t be eating all this and I should be eating all that.  I was kind and said “ok doc.”  What I reeeally wanted to say was, “listen Peter Griffin look-a-like, why don’t you just crack my back and leave the nutritional stuff to me.”

I practice what I preach.  If I say to do 10 burpees, 10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 dips repeatedly for 3 sets to lose body fat, you can bet that I have done it myself just by looking at my body.  Hey, I’m not trying to be cocky, but me looking the part instills confidence with you so that you tell yourself “this guy looks like he knows what he’s talking about.”

Not Me!

Just like Mark Walberg says in the movie Pain and Gain, “my name is Danny Lugo, and I believe in fitness.”

“My name is James Balaila, and I believe in fitness.”


Fitness, and helping others better themselves is my life and pretty much my only hobby.

I mean, yeah, I also like watching movies, going out in south beach, researching awesome cars and following EDM (electronic dance music).  Oh, here’s a hidden secret/hobby of mine… I can play guitar hero on expert level.  I can’t play real guitar though, but I sure can tear up some guitar hero!

Those are just a few things I do in my spare time, but really, I love working out and training my clients to achieve greatness!

The world of fitness brings me the greatest satisfaction.  Every day that I can have an impact on my client’s lives, well; that’s just priceless.

Committed to your success,

James Balaila

P.S. Remember I was telling you earlier how I get my clients into this ultimate mindset to achieve killer results? Check out the secret strategy I’ve been teaching my clients!