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“James is a motivator, and even on my worst or roughest days, it is good to have him by my side to help me get though the workout mentally and physically.”Successful Client

“I have been training with James for over 1 year now.  I can say, it has been a process.  Before I met James I was very tired and had really bad bags under my eyes from not sleeping, like the type of bags under your eyes that you would say “whats wrong with this guy?”  It got to the point where it was to much partying and I really needed to make a change for my body.  At the beginning it was just about getting back in shape and recovering my body from long weekends.  Now, it has become a lifestyle.  I can say it wasn’t the workout themselves that saved me, but it was more the like the force of completing each workout and being brought back to life and to feel accomplished that motivated me.  I have never pushed myself to such limits before.  One of the biggest things James helped me with is to become conscious of my food choices.  My food choices used to be very poor, and I realized that the diet is what really makes a huge difference in the results.  James is a motivator, and even on my worst or roughest days, it is good to have him by my side to help me get though the workout mentally and physically.  It has been a life changing experience, and it has no limits.”

“I’ve never really worked out regularly before in my life. Maybe a light jog on the treadmill every here and there, and that was about it. I’ve always just been under the impression that eating only 1 or 2 meals a day was the best way to get skinny. I was very wrong! I have learned so much from James when it comes to weight training for women. Something that used to scare me, I am very confident doing now! My eating habits have also greatly improved and I was able to drop several pounds of fat! James is the best. He’s the most knowledgeable guy in fitness that I can think of!”

“Impact is the exact word to describe the experience of having James as my personal trainer! Determination is his main teaching goal which of course reflects not only into our physique, but in our day to day life outside of a gym. The changes I obtained while being trained by him were impressive and I dropped from 34.5% body fat to 8.7% body fat.  The variety of exercises and the intensity of his sessions are absolutely perfect and DRY is the last word you will remember speaking after the 10 first minutes of training! Amazing!”

“I’ve always been into fitness and healthy eating. But sometimes you just fall off the wagon and gain several pounds. It turned out that I started to over eat a lot and drink more wine then I probably should. James has been a major difference maker in my bad habits… He’s extremely knowledgeable and he has really helped me gain my motivation back to workout regularly and start making better food choices again.  I haven’t felt this healthy or fit in a while! Thanks James, you are the best!”

“This whole thing with personal training, working out, and eating correctly has really been a lifestyle change.  I am happier now and I can really feel the difference with my body.  I have been working out on my own for the past 3 years and I can say that I have feel the most difference in the past 7 months. The biggest change for me has been my diet.  James has taught me a lot about dieting and how important it is.  I implement it as much as I can and it really does make the difference.  What helps is working out with my wife.  We keep each other motivated to stay eating healthy and keep pushing each other when the other one is feeling lazy.  Working out with my wife has been a new experience and I enjoy it because now our lifestyle habits have become the same.  Training with James is challenging, and believe me, its hard.  But it really is worth it.  I enjoy this now.  I can even feel my six pack!”

“I have always been very lazy when it came to exercise and going to the gym. I just felt it was boring doing the same repetitive exercises over and over. I have had other trainers in the past, and even with them, it was just the same thing. Boring exercises, no excitement in the session, and no fun. With James I can absolutely say it has been a lifestyle change for me! He makes me motivated to WANT to workout because his training technique is so dynamic and interactive. His attention to detail is very impressive and I can tell he really knows his work. The exercises are always changing and and it keeps me wanting more. Also, the biggest thing is training together with my husband. We help motivate each other to keep pushing forward with dieting and continue training. So it not only helps us get in great shape, it also keeps our marriage strong.”

“I never really worked out before and never put much thought into the food I was eating. But after seeing I was 261 lbs and looking fat, I realized it was time to make a change. With James’ help and knowledge, I now workout 4-5 times per week, and I feel stronger and better than ever. I have successfully dropped from 261lbs to 229 lbs! 32 lbs of fat gone! I’m not going to stop till my abs are completely showing! James is a cool guy and a motivator, and I definitely recommend training with him or just following his advice.”

“James is awesome! What else can I say! Working out with him and learning from him has been a wonderful experience.  He makes the workouts fun, fast, and enjoyable.  I see a lot more tone and definition in my arms and legs now. I used to hate working out because I was afraid I was going to get bulky.  Not anymore. It’s now part of my daily schedule and I feel more confident than ever! James, you are the best!”

“James is amaaazzzing!! I have learned sooo much from him it’s unbelievable! My eating habits used to be so bad and my workouts were always on-again off-again.  With James, I learned the proper way to combine weight training and cardio, and I learned the importance of eating correctly. I never used to cook for myself, and I would always eat out.  So the nutrition has been one of the biggest changes for me. Overall, it has been a complete lifestyle change. James’ passion for health and fitness is contagious.  He always explains things in an easy to understand way and is simply an awesome guy in general! I wouldn’t take anyone else’s advice! James, you are the best!”

“When you are in your 20s, you are thin and sexy. Then you become a mom and get mom arms. When I first met James, I was very out of shape. I wasn’t eating well at all, not because I didn’t want to, but just because I didn’t understand healthy eating at the time. I also had not worked out in a while…Since training with James, I’ve decreased my body fat, GREATLY improved my posture, and i’m overall much stronger and I have a lot more energy. And I finally have core muscles again! I feel better and more confident then ever!

“I’ve known James for a while, he was my roommate in college! I never really understood his “obsession” with working out and I never quite got the nutrition part no matter how many times I asked him. It wasn’t until several years later that we got in touch and I asked him for some help with a workout routine to follow and some sort of easy to follow nutrition plan. At the time, I really was letting myself go… zero workouts, pizza, ice cream, fast food; you name it. With James’ advice, I found myself determined and motivated for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to drop about 15lbs and FINALLY start to see some tone and definition again. James’ advice really helped A LOT and gave me the exact push I needed. Everyone should follow this guy.”

“I was always afraid that weight training would make me bulky.. That’s why I always stuck to Pilates or spinning. But when those weren’t really giving me the results I wanted, I started to train with James. And I will tell you honestly, it wasn’t easy, but I have definitely made some big changes. On the first day, he had me walking on a treadmill at an incline. In less then 5 minutes I was completely out of breath and had to stop because I felt dizzy… Now, I can successfully jog 2 or 3 miles non-stop! I have finally been able to reduce the fat around my hips and really tone up my legs and arms. I’m still working on my eating habits, but they have gotten a lot better over time. James has been a fantastic trainer and I really trust all his advice.”

“I have been working out for years, and that may be a plus, but I have developed some bad form and neglected certain muscle groups. James has refocused and retrained me on proper technique and has targeted the neglected muscles. For being 64, my overall fitness levels have improved, and I am enjoying my workouts more! Motivation has never been an issue for me, but now I feel more confident that I am performing the right exercises for my body type. James is an expert in his profession and a pleasure to have trained with!”

“Sometimes it’s just easier to ignore that you have put on a couple pounds so you don’t feel guilty… That was me. I guess I just got lazy and demotivated. Training with James is absolutely amazing! His energy and enthusiasm make the workouts fun and I look forward to it for the first time in a long time. Overall, I am really happy with my results and I have really been able to tone up my entire body. I am happier and much more confident now.”

“One of the biggest things that I have learned from James is better eating habits.  I have worked out a lot with weights on my own, but I never really understood anything about nutrition. I would just workout hard then go eat whatever I wanted because I thought I burned enough calories. With James as my trainer, he taught me what kinds of foods are better than others, and how much I should be eating. I finally was able to drop nearly 20 pounds and shed my stomach fat. Couldn’t have done it without you man!”

“All of James’ advice has been very helpful and I have finally been able to drop some fat in unwanted places. Sometimes you just get carried away with partying on the weekends and just really bad eating. You don’t realize it until it’s to late. I try to do cardio about 3-4 times per week now and workout with weights 2-3 per week. I am very happy with my results!”

“Getting older, you realize that exercise and fitness is what is going to keep you living! I had really high blood pressure and cholesterol problems when I first met James. Also, my fitness levels were terrible and I was very weak. Since then, my blood pressure has decreased and I have been able to reduce some of my medications. My endurance and strength has reached levels that I have never seen, even when I was younger! The healthy eating is not easy, but I am doing my best for my goals. I feel better overall and happy to have adopted a healthier lifestyle even at such a later stage in life.”

“I have never worked out before. I never really cared for it much. But seeing the difference in my strength and body changing, kept me motivated for more. James is a great teacher and an educated trainer. What I liked most was he designed fast and still effective workouts. They never got boring. James, thanks for the help. You are an excellent trainer!”

“I travel almost every week for work and I love to eat and try new dishes. Not the best combination when trying to get in better shape. Training with James has been a fantastic experience though! With his advice, I have been able to correct my posture significantly, I have muscles and strength in my chest and arms that I have never had before, and my endurance and energy levels are overall improved. The eating healthy part is not the easiest, but I do my best with James’ advice and it definitely make a difference. I’m 40 ears old and i’m leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been in my life!”

“When I had met James, I had already lost a lot of weight on my own. I did a lot of cardio and I ate very little, but I was still very weak and had very little muscle. I used to always think that weight training was just for bodybuilders or something. Learning and being trained by James has been a life changing experience. I see a big difference in my muscle tone and definition, and I overall feel much stronger. Thanks James for being an awesome and super knowledgeable trainer!”

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